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So the million-dollar question: is it any good? Yes, it is. It’s very polished and I found that the automatic playlists generated sensible selections and unearthed old tracks from my library that I hadn’t listened to for ages.

Ian, Nokia Coversations -the Official Nokia blog 18. Jan. 2011  

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Just out -new version for iOS

April 18, 2014

iPhone 5S+5C web2

You spoke and we listened. Our last update introduced music recommendations which are automatically presented for each playing track. While many people love this new feature, others don’t, so we’ve just added the possibility to switch them off. This is done in the settings menu under “Auto-load Recommendations”. If you prefer to get recommendations presented automatically when you’re on wi-fi only, this can be adjusted in the settings menu as well.
And no matter what settings you prefer, you can always get Moodagent’s great, mood matching music suggestions if you press the recommendations icon in the lower right corner.

The new update to Moodagent for iOS also includes a number of speed improvements and various minor enhancements.

We hope you’ll enjoy it. Happy playlisting.

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