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As every enthusiast knows, music is emotion and sometimes all you want is to find exactly the right song to express the mood you are feeling right now.  But in a library of millions, or even a more modest library of a few hundred tracks, that could be the work of a lifetime. Enter Moodagent, a totally unique and highly sophisticated music profiling, playlisting and recommendation platform that knows your mood and your music.

During the advent of MP3, friends Peter Berg Steffensen and Mikael Henderson looked into the future. Fearing that the dismantling of albums into individual tracks would destroy the “album experience,” their new company, Syntonetic, invented and patented a solution to draw lines of emotional logic between diverse artists and their music. This new and unique technology could, for the first time, understand the truly musical values of individual tracks and then repackage them to create a whole new mood based album-like experience.

Moodagent is a cloud-based, intelligent application that makes it fast and easy to create playlists based on mood. Its groundbreaking music profiling technology has, for the first time, unlocked the emotional codes of music understanding the mood of any track in a truly human fashion.  This enables a highly relevant, personal and musical experience.

Through a combination of human musicology and highly sophisticated artificial intelligence, Moodagent determines a unique music profile for each song – in effect understanding the music’s DNA. This creates the equivalent of a full color palette and from this, endless combinations perfectly describe all musical and emotional elements in a single track. Therefore, apparently different and sometimes unexpected artists and songs can be united together in specific playlists based on their emotion.

Moodagent’s is also changing the future of brand advertising by creating a unique platform and environment to engage consumers like never before. By harnessing the revolutionary technology it offers the opportunity to target audiences on a truly emotional level; perfectly matching brand’s values to music and mood.

Today Moodagent is available as an app for Smartphones, as an app within Spotify and as a recommendation service in Winamp

  • Moodagent Mobile App: A unique tool for owners of Apple, Nokia, Blackberry, WebOS and Android handsets that creates instant playlists of your favorite music based on your mood. It also recommends music from the web, which perfectly matches the playing track. We offer two mobile solutions; a free ad based option and a paid ad-free version
  • Moodagent for Spotify: This unique playlisting tool will create instant playlists to match your mood from Spotify’s 20+ million track catalogue. All based on your listening history and musical preferences. Use any track as a starting point for a new playlist or drag’n'drop an existing playlist into Moodagent to sort it by mood. Finding your way through a huge music collection has never been easier.
  • Moodagent for Winamp: An intelligent music recommendation service which allows users to explore a huge collection of music based on mood profile and track selection either by picking a track from the user’s existing music library or from 7digital’s online music catalogue


Furthermore, Moodagent is providing intelligent audio search solutions for professional usage through partnerships with companies such as Score Revolution and Counterpoint Systems

Moodagent enables music enjoyment, discovery and exploration on levels never before seen.  It is our goal to deliver a rich and deep user experience that is not only different from all other popular music recommendation services but that also delivers the best quality and most musical recommendations.

For users this means: Moodagent delivers a music discovery, listening and sharing experience unlike any other on the market today.

For brand partners this means: Moodagent offers a truly flexible and innovative advertising environment in which we are, for the first time, able to perfectly match brand values with mood and music. Select partners can even access our API, enabling them to create mood based campaigns and specially branded applications.

For operators this means: Moodagent provides access to highly engaged and active global community of music lovers

Since its launch, Moodagent has built up a global fan base of more than 10 million users from 200 countries around the world, and more than five billion songs synced in the Moodagent cloud. These numbers are growing every day…

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