About Us


- why we do it


We love music. We love the moods and emotions it evokes. We love it so much, in fact, that at Syntonetic we have used our passion for music to create an intelligent system that can automatically decode every truly musical property in every song‚ including moods and emotions.

We call this intelligent system Moodagent.

We are the only ones capable of precisely cracking the emotional codes found in music. Using Moodagent technology, we deliver powerful solutions for leading mobile device manufacturers, carriers and mobile operators, online music businesses and streaming music services. We help our partners harness our unique profiling capabilities and share this resource with everyone who enjoys music.

We believe curiosity, better navigation and discovery are the means to creating new music services, attracting and retaining users, and increasing revenue. Our explorations perpetually create ways to improve the music business using Moodagent technology.

Our pioneering approach is born out of the marriage of state of the art digital signal processing and A.I. with genuine music science — a union constantly calibrated by the sharp minds and trained ears of our team of expert human musicologists, and their software services colleagues.


Screenshots & videos

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Android: main menu

Android: long press functions

Android: main interface

iPhone: main interface

iPhone: swipe track functions

iPhone: Refresh playlist