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Just out -new version for iOS

April 18, 2014

iPhone 5S+5C web2

You spoke and we listened. Our last update introduced music recommendations which are automatically presented for each playing track. While many people love this new feature, others don’t, so we’ve just added the possibility to switch them off. This is done in the settings menu under “Auto-load Recommendations”. If you prefer to get recommendations presented automatically when you’re on wi-fi only, this can be adjusted in the settings menu as well.
And no matter what settings you prefer, you can always get Moodagent’s great, mood matching music suggestions if you press the recommendations icon in the lower right corner.

The new update to Moodagent for iOS also includes a number of speed improvements and various minor enhancements.

We hope you’ll enjoy it. Happy playlisting.

Download from iTunes



Get into the mood on Asha -for free!

April 11, 2014

Get it from the Nokia Store

Greetings Nokia Asha fans.
Today we released a free version of our popular Moodagent app for Nokia Asha phones. Since we launched the premium version for Asha in February, we’ve received a lot of great feedback. One review on the Nokia Store says: “When I downloaded this app and ran it for the first time.. I had a doubt if it really works or not…. After using it 2 mins… I was like…. Amazing!!”

Now you can apply the Moodagent magic on your Asha music library completely free of charge. Instead we’ll present you with a few ads. And remember, if you like it, please support us and buy the premium version.

So go download it from the Nokia Store and start creating some magnificent mood matching playlists.



Brimful of Asha

February 5, 2014


Moodagent has just been released for the newest line of Nokia’s Asha phones, including the Asha 501, 502 and 503. As always, you’ll get stellar playlists to match your mood, just by moving the sliders or selecting a starting track from your collection. We’re looking forward to cater all the new Asha owners with the perfect soundtrack for their mood of the moment. Moodagent for Asha is available from the Nokia Store and you can check out this presentation of the app on the Nokia Conversations blog. As the review states: “What we love is the simple nature of Moodagent – tell it how you feel and you can concentrate on the most important thing: listening and enjoying your music.” Indeed. Load up your music collection and start to soundtrack your mood.


New Moodagent for iOS 7

November 12, 2013

iPhone 5S+5C web copy

The wait is over! Moodagent is now updated and optimized for iOS 7.

What’s new?

• Instant recommendations: Autoloading of recommendations from iTunes based on the playing track. Discover new music to match your mood.

• New layouts taking advantage of the larger screen on iPhone 5/S/C

• Various bug fixes

The free version now has an improved ad-module, but the pro version is still only $ 0.99. So ditch the ads, grab your purse, start making great playlists and discover new music favorites.

Download the new Moodagent for iOS on The App Store



Got the news?

August 13, 2013

Did you catch the summer edition of the Moodagent newsletter? If not, you can read it here and dig into the latest experiments from the Moodagent labs, check out some of our favorite music services and see what we’ve been focusing on lately. Make sure you stay up to date with Moodagent and sign up for future editions of the newsletter here.