A Farewell to Apps

It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new. As we’re constantly refining the Moodagent technology, expanding into new business areas and developing new music discovery services, it’s time to part with the Moodagent apps as we know them.

Moodagent has been installed on over 15 million mobile devices across the globe, and has served users in over 175 countries with perfect playlists to match their mood since 2008.

As the music consumption is moving increasingly to online streaming services and away from locally stored music collections, we are thinking ahead and preparing the new music technologies and solutions for the playlists and recommendations of tomorrow.

As you'll recall, we embraced the streaming market early on when the Moodagent app for Spotify was introduced with the very first batch of apps in Spotify in 2011. Many apps joined the party since then, but Moodagent has constantly remained among the Top 10, and has been a great success with many millions of listening hours. However, Spotify is now terminating their apps platform in order to cater for a new future of mobile centered services. You can read more about that here. This means that all apps in the Spotify desktop client, including Moodagent, will disappear when the next update to Spotify rolls out.

We’d like to thank the millions of users and especially the hundreds of thousands of users who have turned to our app in Spotify each month and trusted Moodagent to be their guide through the vast ocean of Spotify music. Those users are most dear to us and we have them very much in mind while preparing our new playlisting and discovery experiences.
If you are a Moodagent at heart and interested in being among the first to play with our new services, sign up for an invitation here.

The Moodagent apps for mobile devices have been around since we launched the first version for Nokia in 2008. Since then, the mobile apps market has undergone massive changes, and early next year Nokia will close down their own app store. It’s been a great ride, but as we’re gearing up for a new future, we’ve decided withdraw all of our traditional mobile apps across all platforms. This also means that we will close down a number of our supporting cloud services, and this is likely to affect the current users of the mobile apps.

We’ve already pulled our desktop profiling application, and the web services required to profile new, unknown tracks from your local music collection has been terminated. Later this month, we will gradually remove all mobile apps from various store fronts, but the mobile apps will continue to work as usual, with the exception of social sharing features and recommendations. The ordinary sync service will also work as usual, so if you’re adding new music to your collection on your mobile device, chances are that we already have profiles for your tracks in the Moodagent cloud. But in case we don’t, these unknown tracks won’t appear in your Moodagent playlists.

To all of you loyal Moodagent users who have enjoyed and endorsed our apps over the years, we salute you. Thanks for your support, enthusiasm and responses. We hope that you’ll follow us in the next chapter of the Moodagent journey. We’re looking forward to introduce you to new services, that brings the power of the Moodagent technology up to a new level -- beyond 11 if we can.

Stay in the loop, follow us on Facebook and Twitter -- and keep insisting on playlisting with a passion, discovery with a difference -- and finding the music that you really feel for.

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