Desktop Profiler


Desktop Profiler


If you sync Moodagent and get the message that there is no profile for a number of tracks, then you’ll need The Moodagent Profiler -a desktop application that runs on your Windows PC or Intel based MAC. This additional software ensures that mood profiles have been created for all your music and are ready for fast identification by the Moodagent application.

Tracks whose profile already exists in the Moodagent Cloud are skipped – profile creation is only done once.
The Moodagent Profiler performs profile creation for any track that is not protected by a DRM: Your own recordings, your special pre-releases and remixes, as well as standard music tracks (Supported formats are wma, mp3, ape, FLAC, m4a, AAC). Just remember that all tracks must carry an artist name and track title for the profiling to work.
The Moodagent Profiler connects to our Moodagent Cloud to check for track results. No personal information or music sample is ever transmitted or further distributed.

How to use the Moodagent profiler:
1. Download the profiler to your PC or MAC from the link below
2. Install the profiler on your desktop computer
3. Run the profiler on the music library which contains the music you also carry on your mobile device
4. Get your mobile device, open Moodagent and choose “Sync” from the configuration menu
5. Your songs should now all be profiled.
NB: Music protected by DRM, tracks shorter than 30 seconds or longer than 25 minutes can not be profiled and will not appear in the Moodagent playlists.



Get Moodagent music profiler


  • Creates music profiles for your tracks so that Moodagent can include them in playlists

Moodagent works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Intel based Macs running OS X 10.5 or later.

The Windows version requires .NET Framework 4.5.1  installed on your computer (install by running general Windows updates)


Screenshots & videos

Android: Share

Android: main menu

Android: long press functions

Android: main interface

iPhone: main interface

iPhone: swipe track functions

iPhone: Refresh playlist