Moodagent for Spotify

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Music streaming just got Moodified


Spotify gives you millions of songs – but what to choose? Moodagent is now available as an app within Spotify that picks just the right songs to match your current mood. Moodagent knows the mood and musical qualities of almost any track and generates perfect playlists for your listening pleasure.

Maybe you’re in the mood for something tender, sensual or aggressive, but don’t know exactly where to start? Simply press one of the quick mood buttons, and Moodagent does the rest.

You can also search the Spotify library directly from the Moodagent interface and select any track as a starting point for your mood based playlist. The playlist can be modified to suit your listening needs in various ways. Say you want to start off with the slow songs from the playlist and gradually want to listen to faster songs. No problem, Moodagent let’s you pick a progression curve based on either tempo, sensuality, tenderness, happiness or aggression and the playlist will adjust accordingly to your selection.

Moodagent fully integrates with Spotify’s drag’n'drop logic. Play any track in Spotify and drag it to either the Moodagent logo in the Spotify sidebar or the Moodagent drop zone, and you’ll instantly get a tailor made playlist of matching songs. Once dropped, you can view the mood profile of the entire playlist and adjust the track sequence by using the mood curves. The same possibilities apply if you drop one of your saved playlists.

Your taste in music is personal, and in order to give you just the right playlist, Moodagent takes your listening habits into account by using your library of top tracks, starred songs and saved playlists as natural starting points. This way, Moodagent is sure to create playlists that not only matches your mood of the moment, but also your specific taste in music.

Spotify is free to use and so is Moodagent. Use the App Finder in Spotify, add Moodagent to your apps, and dig in for the soundtrack of your life.





Download Spotify




You need the latest version of Spotify to run the Moodagent app. Once installed, go to the App Finder in the left panel and look for Moodagent.


In order to use Moodagent for Spotify you need the latest version of the Spotify desktop client for either Windows or Mac. Once installed, go to the App Finder in the left side panel and look for Moodagent, then add  it to your Spotify Apps.


Instantly create playlists from almost any track in Spotify

Use the Quick Moods to get a playlist to match your mood

Search for a starting track to soundtrack your mood

Drag and drop playlists directly into Moodagent

Control the progression of the playlist by choosing a curve of tempo or intensity of any given mood

Quickly save and share your playlists


Screenshots & videos

Android: Share

Android: main menu

Android: long press functions

Android: main interface

iPhone: main interface

iPhone: swipe track functions

iPhone: Refresh playlist