We provide the data that drives

    music recommendation and discovery.

    Catalogue owners and music providers

    all need the best possible creative

    metadata to empower their business.

    We've got it.




    Empowering Discovery

    Powerful tools for music navigation, instant playlists and personalized radio stations. Make your tracks heard through relevant recommendations based on individual preferences in taste and mood.

    Creative Metadata

    Describing Your Audio

    Accurate track level metadata through instant auto-tagging. Fast, precise and consistent. Index your catalogue and make it searchable for you and your customers.


    Use Music To Find Music

    Find the right sounds for your professional needs. Upload & search with any music file. Use sections of songs to find matching sections within other tracks.


    Moodagent has developed a unique business software technology that captures the truly musical qualities in the audio itself - instantly and automatically.

    This includes:

    • Moods & Emotions
    • Genres & Styles
    • Beat & Tempo
    • Vocals & Instruments

    The amount of details captured in this process is unrivaled in the market today.

    Finally the music business can get:

    • All tracks correctly tagged, catalogued and indexed
    • Precise and intuitive tools to find the right tracks
    • Similarity and keyword search
    • A search engine that works by audio example
    • Powerful playlist and compilation tools

    For powerful insight and search options













    Music catalogue owners face a series of challenges when indexing, tagging and sorting their ever-growing catalogues. Inconsistent metadata, bad tagging and unknown music leave a lot of valuable material unavailable for commercial discovery and exploitation.

    We're here to sort it out. We'll analyze the content, fill in the gaps and streamline the processes so that you can start selling your most valuable assets -the music.







    Moodagent delivers the industry's most comprehensive creative metadata for audio analysis, automated tagging, playlisting, listening samples, music navigation and discovery. Our tools analyze every track from the inside out, harnessing the inherent musical and emotional characteristics for accurate indexation.

    Moodagent is built upon a combination of acoustic analysis, artificial intelligence and human musicology, which makes our creative metadata rich, concise and accurate.


    We provide:

    • Truly musical data to every recording, guaranteed
    • Accurate track level metadata for all tracks – even unreleased recordings
    • Consistent descriptions of all musical and emotional elements in each track 
    • Continuous updates to ensure that all newly added tracks are correctly tagged. Consistently accurate and free from human error
    • Multiple profiles for each track provide detailed metadata for different sections within the track
    • New search engine to find tracks by audio example – unprecedented search accuracy and flexibility
    • Data- and software-as-a-service, cloud-based, fully scalable


    We'll tailor the solutions and provide everything required to enhance the value of your music catalogue and make it easily explorable to your customers.


    Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Moodagent is a pioneer in advanced music software technology.

    We market mission-critical music data services to the World’s leading enterprises in the entertainment industry.


    Moodagent solves the music search and discovery problem in the fastest, most accurate and most natural way by capturing all musical and emotional characteristics directly and automatically from the audio signal.


    We have rich music data for over 50 million tracks and advancing into games, videos and movies too.

    With our next generation creative metadata, we're enabling the music, film & advertising industry to provide the right music for the customer's needs.


    • Publishers
    • Record labels
    • Broadcasters
    • Streaming services
    • Music licensing companies
    • Collecting societies
    • Advertisers
    • Market researchers
    • Hardware manufactures

    Anyone with the need for accurate tagging, coherent cataloging, navigation and exploration of large music collections.


















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